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Prime Directives

  1. Have fun.
  2. Don't take it too seriously.
  3. There is no real money or prizes. There is not even any fake money. (There are fake prizes.)
  4. Rated PG-13.
  5. Don't multi-account.
  6. There is no Rule 6.
  7. The commissioner has final say on all matters.
  8. Only talk about the game. We don't need to know anyone's politics, religion, or opinions.

Game Concepts

  • WAJERLEAGUE: Is this free, fun, realistic sports handicapping contest.
  • CONTEST: A sub-game with its own set of rules and scope. Season-long contests (for one sport/league for one season) are the most popular. Multiple contests are usually happening simulatenously. You may play as many or as few contests as you wish.
  • WAJER: What we call a bet. Other than this explanation page, we don't say "bet" or "money" here. We're pretentious like that.
  • OFFERS: The list of wajers available to be made. Each contest has its own offer list.
  • POINTS: How we keep score. All wajers are made with, and win, points.
  • BANKROLL, WINNINGS, and SCORE: Bankroll is the number of points you start a contest with. This is based on the size, length, and importance of the contest. For season-length college and pro football contests, it is 1000. You must spend your bankroll to make wajers, until is spent. You may then spend winnings if desired. Score is winnings, rounded down to the nearest ¼. Differences in winnings smaller than ¼ are ignored, and are not used to break ties. Only winnings count towards score. Unspent bankroll does not.
  • IN PLAY: The maximum amount of points you have available to make wajers at any time. Typically, this is 25% of the starting bankroll or of your current winnings, whichever is higher. In Play is reduced to 5% pre-season (before the first regular season game), and increased to 50% in post-season (after the final regular season game). Dates will be posted.
  • AWARDS: Virtual trophies awarded for success in contests.
  • SPOONS: Virtual trophies awarded for non-success in contests. You don't want spoons.
  • HALL OF FAME SCORE: You have a grand total score for all of Wajerleague based on all the contests you enter. Each contest awards or subtracts points based on your success or lack of success.

House Rules

These rules are always in effect, unless overridden by contest-specific rules.


  • WAJERS OFFERED: Include point spreads, head-to-head (moneyline), over/under (totals), and futures. Offers are updated regularly.
  • WAJERING WINDOW: Wajers may be placed any time an offer exists, until the game starts. There is no in-game wajering at this time.
  • IN PLAY: This is the maximum amount of points that may be tied up in not-yet-resolved wajers at any given time. This


  1. Each contest will maintain a list of offers, or wajers you can make at that time. Offers are frequently updated.
  2. Odds are expressed European style. 1.909 means you risk 1 to win 1.909, including your original bet. 1.909 is equivalent to -110 in US odds.
  3. Wajers may be placed any time an offer exists.
  4. Any combination of wajers is permitted, except where specified otherwise. This allows hedges, splits, and other strategies.
  5. All wajers must risk at least .25 points and win at least .25 points. (Exception: an "All In" wager, which consumes the last of your bankroll or winnings, does not have to meet these requirements.
  6. Other than the previous rule and the In Play limit (see above), there are no limits on how many wajers you can make or how large each wajer can be.
  7. There is no minimum required number of wajers, or amount. But it is highly advisable to spend all of your bankroll, because there is no incentive to preserve it.
  8. VOID bets occur when the winner of a game cannot be fairly judged; the game is cancelled; or moved to a different site. Wajers are not voided if a game is postponed or rescheduled.


  1. 2- and 3-way parlays are allowed, paying 2.6 to 1 and 6 to 1, respectively.
  2. All wajers in a parlay must be on different games. (No coordinated parlays.)
  3. If a game in a parlay ends in a tie or void, it is removed from the parlay and the parlay is re-calculated as a 2-way parlay or single bet. If calculated as a single bet, it pays the payout for that bet.

Sport-Specific House Rules


  • Games must be played within 5 minutes of completion.
  • Points scored in overtime count towards all wajers.
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